martha’s vineyard, massachusetts.

Exhibiting artists: Alexandria Smith, David Antonio Cruz, Deborah Roberts, Edgar Arceneaux, Elia Alba, Ellington Robinson, Jas Knight, Juana Valdes, Nate Lewis, Sheldon Scott, Stan Squirewell, Wesley Clark, Yashua Clark


The Tenth and Art on the Vine question categories of race, gender, and sexuality, and celebrates a community whose politics and art forms have historically and continue to be used as a medium to awaken social consciousness both outside, and from within the Black community. As art is simply a by-product of the process of creation, interrogation, and reflection, what does the Black queer identity which has largely been invisible, yet quietly organizing in the face of multiple oppressions, now arise to share of spaces of constraint and freedom? As there is a fervent conversion taking place concerning the visibility of collectors and artists of color in an industry where white paragons control the spatial politics, where does the Black queer identity fit within the broad frame of the Art world?

Panelists: James Powell and Sheldon Scott


MoCADA and AOTV join in a conversation with visual and performance activists to examine contextual collaborations between arts and advocacy. There are unique power dynamics involved in creating, curating and collecting art for social justice. What role does this practice play in supporting and sustaining broader social movements? In what ways may audiences and art appreciators consume art to steward progressive nuances into museums, galleries, and personal collections? MoCADA + AOTV welcome attendees to join the discussion on the significant role that art has played to increase awareness of, advocate and organize efforts that champion social justice. Artists and curators will introduce the audience to current and historical events in their work and inspire your participation and commitment to empower and incite progress and social change in new and expanding art collections.

Panelists: Melissa Howell, Sheldon Scott and Stan Squirewell